What We Do

End Over End Consulting is a national company that specializes in sports operations consulting. With many successful project outcomes in different sports, we can help your organization increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations. We work with all sizes of universities as well as professional teams, and our specialty is helping smaller organizations leverage economies of scale to realize maximum profitability. With maximum profitability, you will be able to spend your money where you need it most to remain competitive in the sport you participate in.

Our specialties include:

  • Event attendance forecasting
  • Stadium expansion decision assistance
  • Location Selection
  • Construction completion time planning
  • Concessions experience
  • Ordering process optimization
  • Special event staffing
We are confident that we can improve your operations in all of these areas. End Over End Consulting has a successful history of providing numerous value-adding process improvement steps for our clients. We encourage you to view our recent client success stories in the "Projects" tab.